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The logistics of “Coaching with Mike” are designed for the busy, high-potential manager. Preparation time for each coaching session rarely runs more than an hour for the manager. When combined with the actual session, it will only take up to two hours of the manager’s time. It is recommended that sessions take place on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule set by the manager. This way being coached will not be an additional assignment that the manager has to fulfill. Rather, it is seen as a true learning experience, one with immediate, practical application. Sessions are held in complete confidence, allowing the manager the chance to really speak with a professional colleague about issues the manager is confronting at the time of the session. Importantly, the manager sets the pace and owns his/her development.

Leadership is kept informed of the manager’s progress through the program, but specific issues are not discussed without the coached manager’s permission and participation.

Leadership Team coaching likewise starts with a phone call from executive management interested in assisting a team to become “world class”. Nothing less is my objective.

Finally, complex mediation services can be arranged with outcomes that benefit all parties in ways not previously imagined.

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