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What To Expect.               

Individual Coaching:

New managers will develop an internal gyroscope that will allow them to meet the challenges of day-to-day management with a straightforward, confident approach that will gain them the respect of their subordinates, peers and leadership. They will be seen as focused and in control because they will be focused and in control.

Mid-level managers will understand that there is a method to managing that can be learned. They will experience management as a craft. They will have context in which to practice their craft. These managers will demonstrate new and unique approaches to problem solving, innovation and team leadership.

    Team Coaching

    “Un-siloed”, confident and engaged teams that work together to achieve stretch objectives heretofore not even understood to be part of their remit. Teams that truly lead their organizations.



    On occasion, it has been my privilege to work with management and bargaining unit leadership to solve seemingly intractable problems. Sometimes these take the form of pending arbitrations, Sometimes they are issues the parties are willing to take a strike over. My goal is always the same: to create a win / win climate that allows the parties to start the healing process, build trust and ultimately solve the problem to both parties satisfaction.

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